November 3, 2022

Zendesk+Slack=new level communication

Do you remember what business communication was like a few years ago? We had to check long email chains to find the essential information, close tickets only by phone, and postpone online meetings because of a bad connection.

We communicate with friends and loved ones casually: in messengers and apps, video chats, with voice messages, photos, or videos. Transferring this format of accessible, sincere, quick communication to businesses would help build close and long-term relationships with clients and partners. Treating customers as real people, not tickets, increases sales conversions. And the exchange of instant messages between colleagues helps to create a better corporate culture.

Every minute counts. To improve communication efficiency and save valuable time, Zendesk decided to integrate Slack. This is a new level of service quality. Zendesk has already changed the communication landscape between companies. Read below how exactly.

Use communication channels your business partners like

According to Zendesk, customers prefer chats and other fast messaging channels. Now you can stay in Zendesk and simultaneously respond to direct messages from Slack. You no longer need to switch between different platforms or get distracted by emails. If your partners are used to communicating in Slack, you should not force them to leave their favorite app and switch to another platform. Slack at Zendesk provides seamless communication in a convenient format for everyone, with a wide selection of communication tools and forms.

Manage your Slack messages directly in Zendesk

Collaboration with partners through Slack instead of boring emails frees you from the need to search for letters among lots of messages in corporate mail. With Slack chat, you can instantly receive notifications about new messages, check reactions, quickly reply and save data in a convenient interface.

Keep all data in one place

Now it is easy to track the history of conversations with partners and customers – the chain of messages is stored in a single chat. Slack also allows you to share messages with colleagues or other company departments (for example, the HR department) – sort requests, and use reporting functions, automation, and macros.

Develop customer relationships

With Zendesk and Slack, you can store the entire client interaction history in a single CRM. And with new points of contact and comfortable communication, the "people to people" format unites and raises relations to a new level of trust. You can see how your customer's needs and requests have changed over time – and offer them the most optimal products according to their preferences. It's simple: better communication means better relationships. This rule also applies in business.

Increase sales day by day

Unlike chatbots, online communication with live people increases sales conversions by three times. In addition, all Slack communication tools can be successfully used by your sales team. Staying on the Zendesk platform, you can receive ticket notifications from Slack and start and easily track a conversation.

If you need a free consultation about Zendesk, please leave your request – and our specialist will provide all the information.

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