November 9, 2022

Guide for working with My tasks in Asana

My tasks is an online workspace for viewing all assigned tasks in one centralized place. It is a page you will open every day. Therefore, it is worth studying all its functionality to organize the most high-impact work. 

My tasks: first look

It is a daily task tracker with a list, dashboard, calendar, and files. Here you will easily manage daily tasks. You can sort tasks by priority: by deadline, alphabet, name of task author, preferences, etc. Create tasks, projects, or messages for colleagues on the main screen. As needed, share your workspace or task list in one click via the Share button.

List, Board, Calendar, and Files

You can see a list of tasks received from coworkers or created by yourself in the List. For convenience, sort them by sections: Do today, Do next week, Do later or create your own section with any title. In Board, It's easy to move tasks between columns to visualize your work clearly. In the Calendar, all tasks and deadlines are conveniently placed in the form of a corporate calendar. It is almost as you are used to seeing in Google-Calendar. If you have frequent meetings, it will be helpful to coordinate My tasks and Calendar in Asana.

Files is a separate place for saving all files attached to tasks and messages.

Week View

Plan your week and check the company's processes. Keep flexibility and productivity and stay on top of your weekly to-dos with Week View. This new calendar view makes it easy to keep track of deadlines and upcoming tasks by week. Drag and drop tasks between dates, so the highest priority tasks come first. In addition, tasks with no due date will appear on the right side of the seven-day calendar, so you can easily drag them to the appropriate date.

Customize it 

custom fields

You can customize your sections. Use the combination Tab + N to create collapsible sections. You can also sort tasks to organize the work of each section. Use the Customize button on the top right to customize the fields for displaying projects, tags, recent changes, etc. All Asana clients can set rules to move tasks to a specific section. And add co-executors of tasks.

If you're a Premium Asana customer, you can also use rules to move tasks to different sections based on their completion status. For example, create a rule to move each completed task to the "Done" section for an easy Kanban-style workflow.

If you have a lot of work, consider organizing My tasks by task progress like a Kanban board. For example, create "To Do," "In Progress," and "Done" sections.

In Customize, you can also integrate apps to My tasks, such as Zoom, Slack, Google Docs, and dozens of others (in the Premium package and above).

It is convenient to manage daily work in My tasks. Try these and many other features for productivity, flexibility, and quick organization of your work.

And with Partnerway, you can also get a free 14-day trial! Therefore, you have no risk – try Asana for your company to test all the functionality in practice.

We'll help with setup and integration, and if you like Asana during the trial period, you'll get a personal discount on the paid plan.

Partnerway is the official Asana provider in the EMEA region.

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