August 2, 2022

Asana or Trello: choosing the best task manager

The remote and hybrid work format needs innovations, particularly services that would help manage projects, set tasks and deadlines, and monitor employees' work. And It has to prevent any chaos in work processes.

Digital task managers were made long before the pandemic, and already we can conclude which of them works best and ensures the stability of business processes, even if employees work from different parts of the planet or have different schedules.

This article will compare the two most popular online services for managing tasks and projects – Trello and Asana.

About Asana 

Asana is a multifunctional platform that helps organize the team's work – from daily routine tasks to strategic initiatives.

It combines:

  • Dashboards where you can create, update, and delegate tasks, quickly check completion statuses, and monitor progress.
  • Lists are to-do lists where you can conveniently record the stages of project work or simply write down your steps for the day.
  • Timeline – you can see deadlines in real-time mode, configuring in the form of a Gantt chart, as well as connecting between tasks of different departments.
  • Calendar – Team busyness and personal tasks can be viewed in a calendar format similar to Google Calendar. This is how you can see calm and busy periods and make adjustments.
  • Universal Reporting is a tool that allows you to check the urgent state of affairs and display analytics in two clicks.

At first, it may seem that Asana is something complicated, but once you understand the functionality and get used to the personalized and well-thought-out interface, you won't be able to imagine starting your day without this assistant.

This platform is a perfect solution for large companies and startups that plan to expand and open new departments. After all, the functionality allows you to create an unlimited number of boards, platforms, and separate groups of tasks for different departments.

Asana will become indispensable for simplifying and optimizing work processes if you need to set many small or specific tasks.

About Trello

Trello is a simple online system that works on the principle of a task board. It's like it used to be in the office: you put stickers on a board with different tasks in order of priority. But now it is in digital format.

The service has only three task management tools: dashboards, cards, and columns. So it works like this: you set a new task and create a card for it, where you can discuss or clarify the task. Then you move this card through the different columns according to the execution stage: pending, in progress, submitted for checking, completed.

It will be difficult to see the whole business process in Trello, but you will know what each employee is responsible for and at what stage his/her task is.

But note: if the number of employees increases, it will become simply inconvenient to monitor each separately.

This task manager is better suited for small teams or freelancers who want to quickly master a simple organizer and start to use it immediately. It is also an excellent option for teams that don't have time to train new employees. You will understand the Trello settings in ten minutes.

Asana vs. Trello: Which is better for you?

Since each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a wide selection of tariff plans, we recommend relying solely on the needs of the team and the prospects of your business.

Advantages of Asana:

  • a wide selection of visualization of projects and tasks;
  • reporting and checking work progress;
  • communication between the work of different teams and departments;
  • workload management to prevent burnout;
  • feedback, tags, comments on tasks;
  • analytics tools.

Advantages of Trello:

  • simpler user design;
  • less time for learning and getting used to;
  • unlimited number of participants in the free tariff.

If your team is growing, you may feel cramped in Trello. And sooner or later, you will think about switching to Asana. Because this platform grows with the growth of your business needs, creating a convenient ecosystem for any scale.

Asana offers four tariff packages – Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise.

Of course, what to work with is up to you. But after making a comparison, we can see that Asana wins in this battle because its functionality is much more varied. This is a full-fledged workspace where you can connect all the team communication without installing any additional apps. We are sure this platform will exceed all your expectations.

And with Partnerway, you can also get a free 14-day trial! Therefore, you have no risk – try Asana for your company to test all the functionality in practice.

We'll help with setup and integration, and if you like Asana during the trial period, you'll get a personal discount on the paid plan.

Partnerway is the official Asana provider in the EMEA region.

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