November 24, 2022

4 steps to the successful organization of work processes

The process in which the manager is forced to control the employee's work at every stage and spend more than half of his time on it cannot be considered effective. When, in order to find out about the progress of incoming work, it is necessary to contact the executor. When any delay in deadlines requires a whole investigation: what exactly went wrong and why. And when it is impossible to influence the process in time in order to avoid the negative consequences of force majeure situations. This can cause losses and damage to the company's reputation.

Therefore, the main task of the owner/manager is to build a management system in which all repetitive processes are performed automatically, and all management tools and setting assignments are convenient enough. Such an organizational strategy frees up time and relieves the manager's brain for more important decisions regarding the development and prosperity of the company. And key results are in line with planned targets.

How to build such an organizational strategy, where to start?


You can rely on the following 4 steps to establish a clear order in work processes and control the result.

Step 1. Monitor task execution processes in real time. On the Asana platform, you have access to dashboards based on the framework displaying all the information about the selected project in a convenient format that you choose yourself: chart, histogram, graph, etc. You can store these displays in PDF format for inclusion in a report, or broadcast to a specific group of managers or executives within the platform by tagging their names with the @ symbol. This makes the team’s work efficient, and you have the opportunity to make adjustments during its implementation and report.

Step 2. Track progress. This allows you to find "bottlenecks" in the team's work and respond to delays in a timely manner. What does it look like in practice? All work tasks in Asana can be marked with corresponding statuses: completed, in progress, blocked, new task, overdue, etc. You are always aware of whether the execution of the project fits into the deadline , and you can reassign any task in time, simply by tagging the appropriate performer and setting the number of hours of work for its execution.

Step 3. Expand the span of control. In order to influence the long-term results company, you need to monitor all projects simultaneously. For this, Asana has an advanced search function, which allows you to compile data from different projects and combine them into a single report. These reports are easily edited to meet your goals. They can be customized according to the requests of project managers or customers.

Step 4. Don't forget your long-term goals. Guide all areas of the company's activity in accordance with such key points as strategic objectives, the company's mission, values ​​, and priorities. Asana toolkit allows you to show participants the necessary information so that the team performs the assigned tasks and each project in accordance with the company's code. 

No matter what the company’s structure is in your case, each manager must participate in the mutual exchange of relevant work information in order to perform their duties quickly and efficiently and help the company earn more. 

This can be done in any convenient way. But with Asana's ready-made tools, you’ll spend significantly less time implementing the control system in your business and using it comfortably at every stage.

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