Impact on the Customer Support of the war changes as well as the recessions

Top experts from Partnerway, Trustech, and Zendesk

Andrew Alexseyenko
Founder Partnerway
Sasha Zakharenko
Territory Solution Consultant
Svitlana Tatiienko
Chief Operating Officer TrusTech
About the meeting

New experience in client support

Modern digital tools for doing business open up new opportunities for managing the customer experience. One of the most effective and functional customer support programs is the Zendesk customer support platform.
Customer experience
The importance of customer service, technology, analysis, and optimization.
We will talk about a systematic approach to process construction and adaptability during force majeure situations.
New reality
War is like a crash test for a company.
The experience of Ukrainian companies, which did not stop their work during the war and even scaled up.

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July 19 | 6PM (Kyiv)
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