The easiest way to manage projects and tasks. Plan every step and organize all aspects of work in one place.

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Asana makes it easy to organize and synchronize workflows across departments. Includes task scheduler, reporting tools, timelines, mind maps, work calendar and many other useful features.
All working information is always at hand. Instantly assess the status of the work, determine the next steps and do everything necessary to keep the work on schedule.
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Be aware of the status of the work performed by your team. Monitor progress on all projects. Fix problems instantly. And do everything on time, and all in one place.
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With over 100 email integrations, applications and more can be brought into Asana to bring everything together in one place.

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For teams and individuals who are just starting to deal with project management.
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  • Portfolio of projects
  • Basic reporting
  • Basic elements of security
  • Community support


For teams and companies that need to manage work across various initiatives.
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  • Portfolio of projects
  • Workload control
  • Tracking strategic goals
  • Automation rule builder
  • Tasks and comments on documents and images
  • Advanced reporting capabilities

Asana Enterprise 

For organizations that need centralized visibility, control, and support. Get Asana's powerful, intuitive work management platform with advanced admin features and security at scale.
The price is formed individually. Contact a consultant to calculate the cost.
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  • Everything in Premium & Business
  • User provisioning & deprovisioning 
  • Data export & deletion
  • Block native integrations
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