August 15, 2022

Zendesk: how this service can help your business

Zendesk is an online customer support platform that can adapt to the needs of any business, from a small startup to a corporate giant. That is why it has already been chosen by more than 100,000 companies worldwide, including Uber, Siemens, Vimeo, and GCash.

Zendesk simplifies communication with users and helps to process requests, thus increasing customer loyalty quickly. And this is important because the company's reputation depends on customer ratings and feedback.

This multifunctional app has all the necessary tools for improving the quality of the customer service – uninterrupted communication with the possibility of integrating more than 50 communication channels, automated reporting and statistics, and accurate indicators for quick organization of customer database.

The platform allows you to solve many issues simultaneously:

  • centrally process all generated tickets;
  • manage all incoming leads for the sales department;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of managers in real-time mode;
  • store files sent by customers;
  • create intelligent knowledge bases with ready-made solutions;
  • automatically process most customer requests.

We will consider the most useful Zendesk services below.

Zendesk Support

This is personalized support through various channels – telephony, chats, email, messengers, social media, etc. Everything is collected in one place. The service includes tools for collaboration, information gathering, and automation. Also, clear and understandable customer data allows you to see their needs better and the history of relations with your company – so agents can quickly and efficiently help with tickets.

Flexible settings allow you to start working processes in a convenient interface from the first day. And over time, you can expand the agent's capabilities by integrating more than a hundred available apps and perform even the most complex downloads using the API.

Zendesk Guide

It is a knowledge base created on artificial intelligence, which allows you to automatically close most simple customer requests – even without the involvement of an agent. It provides self-service for users – and this has many advantages. According to statistics, 91% of customers would like to find an answer without needing to contact a support service manager. And you give them such an opportunity by filling the directory with relevant content: frequently asked questions, information about the product or company, rules of use, etc.

The knowledge base of Zendesk Guide can be updated with relevant information – so customers quickly solve their problems, and the manager saves time for more critical tasks that require direct participation. Therefore, it is a win-win case.

Zendesk Chat

Live chat for quick communication with customers in real-time mode is very convenient. Become your client's "right hand" and assist at the most needed moment. It is also a tool to increase sales conversion. Personal contact with a client via chat increases the purchase probability by three times.

And Zendesk Chat perfectly adapts to any design of the computer and mobile version of the site. So install a chat widget on your web page, and solve customer needs quickly. Zendesk Chat is a cross-platform service; that allows you to process requests simultaneously on different platforms and channels.

Zendesk Talk

Personalized customer support via telephony is, of course, the company's most powerful strength. Zendesk Voice provides advanced features such as voicemail, text notifications, call recording, routing and queue settings, and forwarding to external numbers. The service offers uninterrupted communication and high-quality conversations under any conditions and from any country.

Voice is integrated into a single multi-channel system and Zendesk cloud storage, allowing an agent to remain on the same platform where other channels of communication were used. It saves time.

Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine is a simple and flexible CRM platform. Built on AWS, Sunshine makes it easy to integrate and consume all customer data – from anywhere. It gives you a complete picture of the client and the freedom to create the best conditions for him/her and build a long-term relationship.

Thanks to Zendesk Sunshine, you can easily segment users, record every interaction with them, connect more than 1200 business apps or create other solutions. As a result, the service helps increase agents' productivity and optimize the company's business processes.

Zendesk Explore

An analysis and reporting tool will help you understand the company's urgent state of affairs in real-time. You can easily browse reports and work with them as a team in shared access. And if necessary, you can send it to any employee or persons not part of your company.

The system instantly collects critical data about your customers and statistics according to your personalized requests. Explore isn't just a spreadsheet with data; it's a comprehensive set of tools that help you measure the effectiveness of every interaction with a client – and make better decisions in the future.

Benefits of Zendesk for business

1.Ease of use.

2.Saving time and costs.

3.High-quality support on all channels.

4.Improving customer loyalty.

5.Reliable cloud storage.

Choosing software for customer service is a responsible decision because once you master a particular service and get used to it, it will be difficult to change something again and switch to another platform. All customer data, conversation histories, and reports are stored in one space. And the transfer of these data is a long and complicated process.

Therefore, we advise you to install Zendesk immediately, as this product has an impeccable reputation and extensive functionality. It is a leader in the field, and we are sure the platform will fully satisfy your needs.

Partnerway will help you with any settings. We also offer a free 14-day trial period – try Zendesk risk-free and feel its advantages.

Leave a request, and we will quickly answer all your questions about Zendesk.

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