July 5, 2022

Why a hybrid work format might be the best for your business

The recent challenges, such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have forced us to switch completely to remote work or to look for new working formats.

Unfortunately, the situation in the world is still far from stable, so in 2022, 72% of companies will continue to work in a hybrid model, combining remote and office work.

There are several options for a hybrid work format:

  1. Office-oriented hybrid.

In this case, your team works in the office most of the time. But there are certain fixed days when it is allowed to work remotely. Many companies believe that working together in the office improves team spirit and facilitates communication between departments.

  1. Flexible hybrid.

This model allows each employee to independently choose when to work in the office and when to work from home. This is the most flexible model, which is good for teams where each member has a high level of self-organization.

  1. Limited hybrid.

In contrast to the flexible hybrid, the limited hybrid involves some restrictions on remote work. There are certain days in a week when all employees have to come to the office, for example, for team meetings or brainstorming.

  1. Remote hybrid.

This model means that all employees work remotely by default. Although they still have the opportunity to work in the office if they wish.

The most important question: how to manage a team and maintain your own efficiency in a hybrid work format

Any hybrid model is a really great opportunity for saving your team and maintaining the efficiency of business processes when full-time work in the office is impossible. But you will certainly experience some risks. In the first stages, these kinds of questions will arise:

- how to effectively coordinate and control the work of subordinates

- how to maintain team motivation and enthusiasm

- how to raise teamwork skills and team spirit 

- how to maintain your own rhythm of work and be a leader for others

So, in order to maintain a high level of engagement of employees who mostly work remotely, it takes a conscious effort of team leaders. And it also needs special digital technologies. It's not enough just to have a work meeting via Zoom. It is necessary to synchronize all team processes in a single virtual space, where each team member will clearly see what, when and how he/she needs to do work.

The best organizer of hybrid work

Those companies that have preserved order and organization during the transition to remote are successful. There are special applications that make hybrid and remote work as effective as possible.

For example, Asana is a multifunctional service that combines a task planner, a deadline checker, a team strategy visualizer, a convenient communicator, and a fully automated reporting system.

You can manage your team and you can see all work processes in real-time mode. It's really convenient. That’s why PC Magazine called Asana "one of the best collaboration and productivity apps for teams." The magazine also noted "thoughtful design, user-friendly interactive elements, and a large number of participants."

It is worth saying more about the Universal Reporting function. It is a reporting tool directly related to the work that takes place in the team. Now project managers can finally clearly answer the question: what is the state of affairs in your company now?

For example:

- are the projects on schedule or lagging behind?

- what issues require an urgent solution?

- did we exceed the budget?

- what are we "stuck" on right now?

Asana saves time, helps cut through workflow chaos, and reduces stress for you and your team.

If you want to try Asana for your company – just ask for a free consultation with Partnerway. We will contact you quickly and answer all your questions.

Partnerway is the official Asana provider in the EMEA region.

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