August 19, 2022

How to grow your business by caring about the client

"It’s very important for us to move quickly and efficiently in terms of providing quality customer service – Partnerway provides it completely!" – Svitlana Tatiienko, COO at TrusTech.

About the client: TrusTech is a Ukrainian company that provides Customer Care Services and solves 2500+ requests daily. It collaborates with one of the world's largest clients in the field of Social discovery and provides a full range of support services for B2C and B2B.

Challenge: TrusTech was looking for support service with an optimal pricing policy that could then be easily scaled as the company grew rapidly. At the very beginning, in 2016, several technical solutions from different vendors were considered, but Zendesk best met the needs of the project, so the choice fell to it.

The TrusTech team started by supporting sites on tickets, gradually connecting other channels of communication with customers. First chats were added, it was immediately Zopim from Zendesk. Later, telephony was added (by third-party service Zoiper). After a month and a half of using telephony, the team realized that the software did not meet the technical requirements. Therefore, in March 2017 it was decided to switch to talk from Zendesk. Thus, as the needs of the project and the team grew, TrusTech gradually mastered new solutions from Zendesk and integrated them into its work. For example, they started using Explore for analytics and Guide for client FAQ. The main challenge was the efficient allocation of team resources and the automation of the routine support load.

Solution: The TrusTech team decided to work with Partnerway to get fast technical support on Zendesk. This made it possible to resolve point queries much faster.

The main advantages of Zendesk service are:

  • convenient functionality for three channels of communication with users: chats, calls, and email;
  • automated analytics through Explore, that clearly visualizes both general and individual command indicators;
  • installation of a guide for the client FAQ, that allowed to remove most of the basic routine requests of customers and reduce the overall first reply time on tickets;
  • customization of ticket fields and tagging, that allowed faster and better processing of historical data and provide analytics to product and technical teams on user requests.

Results: Thanks to Zendesk, TrusTech has optimized the workload on the team and found unique metrics that show the business value of support. Importantly, Partnerway helps with all technical issues regarding Zendesk –  and it provides uninterrupted and high-quality service.

The company's plans for the future: TrusTech currently plans to scale up the use of Zendesk for its ambitious purposes.

“Zendesk covers most of our needs as a comprehensive support solution. We are currently analyzing the benefits of implementing a chatbot for our needs and other process automation capabilities. We are used to moving fast and conducting many tests to choose the best solution to solve problems, and we look for the same in our partners. That's why we decided to work with Partnerway ” – said Svitlana Tatiienko, COO at TrusTech.

If you are also looking for effective support solutions for your company – you can ask for a free consultation with Partnerway to learn about all possible solutions to your problem.

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"It’s very important for us to move quickly and efficiently in terms of providing quality customer service – Partnerway provides it completely!"
Svitlana Tatiienko
COO at TrusTech
Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tornimäe tn  5, 10145