November 16, 2022

How to build company's organizational policy

In 2021, the hybrid work model has become the most popular for many companies. No wonder: the majority of IT workers (72%) say they prefer a hybrid approach and a combination of remote and office work. And while the payoff can be huge, going hybrid is risky, especially because it can perpetuate a two-tiered work environment and lead to imbalance.

In order to avoid failures, it is necessary to form a company policy regarding the format of work. And while there is no one-size-fits-all model or guide to determining which model is right for your company, there are guidelines that will allow you to successfully build a team and achieve your goals.

The most important thing in the work of any company is transparency. Each member of the team must understand where the company is going and what goals it sets for itself. To add clarity to the work of your team, you can use the "pyramid of clarity". The five-level pyramid helps everyone in your company connect their day-to-day work with your company's mission:

The Pyramid of Clarity: A Way to Achieve Strategic Alignment
Level 1 (the top level) is your company’s mission. 

This is your company’s purpose—the “why?” behind the work that you do. 

Level 2 is your company’s strategy. 

This is the “how”—how will you achieve your mission?

Level 3 is objectives. 

These are more tactical goals that will help you accomplish your strategy and, in turn, your mission. 

Level 4 is key results. 

These are the measurements against your objectives that assess your performance.

 Level 5 (the bottom level) is projects.

These are the initiatives that will be measured and contribute to your objectives. 

Here is an example of how, based on the clarity pyramid, you can implement a new work policy in your company:

How Asana Designs its Successful, Authentic Company Culture - SOCAP Global  SOCAP Global

Level 1 (Mission): How does my company’s remote or hybrid work policy impact our company’s mission? 

Level 2 (Strategy): What is my remote or hybrid work strategy? What specific model will we adopt? How will we course-correct, if necessary? How will we redesign our teams to maximize success? 

Level 3 (Objectives): What problems are we trying to solve in implementing our policy? What opportunities are we aiming to grasp? 

Level 4 (Key results): How will we measure success? This shouldn’t just include work-based objectives—it should also include metrics such as team collaboration and psychological safety. 

Level 5 (Projects): What training will managers need? What about employees? How will we onboard hybrid or remote employees? How will our technology stack change to empower distributed work?  

As you develop and implement your remote or hybrid work policy, we encourage you to take the Pyramid of Clarity as your compass. When everything—and everyone—is connected to the meaning of your business, you'll develop more reliable processes that will make every success possible.

To align everyone with your remote hybrid work policy, your employees, and individual participants must understand how each mission relates to your company.

By using the Pyramid of Clarity, you lay the foundation and support structure for your team to work effectively.

Everyone in the team is a local company, knows the organization of work if the work is supplemented and thanks to which key results the team will achieve in a specific period of time, although then the policy in the conditions of remote or hybrid work, such a team can maintain integrity, quickly adapt to new unusual working conditions and, respectively, ensure high labor efficiency.

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