October 6, 2022

Google Workspace for web/app design and development

About the client: ein-des-ein is an ambitious and fast-growing team of web/app designers and developers. It provides professional IT services to EU, USA, and Israel companies. It focuses on creating fast, reliable, nice-looking, and well-working digital services and apps.

The ein-des-ein team has already implemented more than 100 successful projects for more than 10 industries.

Challenge: The ein-des-ein team faced the problem of managing work emails. The staff was rapidly expanding, and the question was: how to manage a huge number of corporative emails. It needed too much working time and energy.

For a temporary solution, It was even created a file with all corporate accesses, but employees often lost it. This situation could not continue any longer, so the founders decided it was time to update the technical side of the work and install Google Workspace.

In addition, the team was already using Google Drive, but without Google Workspace, this service could not work fully.

Over time, there was a need to hand over the administration of Google services to specialists who would be able to implement payment or additional integrations on time – this would ensure the uninterrupted operation of all the company's business processes.

Solution: ein-des-ein cooperated with Partnerway for the financial administration and management of Google Workspace.

Results: Now, ein-des-ein uses Google Workspace as a single entry point for all work services, greatly facilitating and optimizing the team's work.

The opportunity to finally work comfortably in a systematized mail management mode pleased colleagues so much that they shared their happy emotions. The feedback from ein-des-ein HR specialist Anastasia Vovkoriz: "God, It is so convenient to work with emails now!”

And Partnerway took care of all routine Google Workspace issues, including timely payments and updates, which was a very convenient solution.

The company's plans for the future: ein-des-ein plans only growth. The company wants to expand the specialists' staff further, contributing to rebuilding the Ukrainian economy. And for sure, It plans to connect new Google services because this ecosystem fully meets the needs of ein-des-ein.

If you also want to take full opportunities of Google for your business, order a free consultation from Partnerway – and we will select the best services for your needs.

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